Defense & Aerospace Report Podcast [Jul 06, ’24 Business Report]


On this week’s Defense & Aerospace Report Business Roundtable, sponsored by Bell, Dr. Rocket Ron Epstein of Bank of America Securities, Sash Tusa of the independent equity research firm Agency Partners, and Richard Aboulafia of the AeroDynamic advisory consultancy, join host Vago Muradian discuss aerospace and defense stock performance as Wall Street edges higher on jobs figures and a stronger dollar, Sir Kier Starmer becomes Britain’s first Labour prime minister in 14 years as John Healey becomes defense secretary, France holds its second election round, Boeing appears to eye settlement to avoid criminal trial, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall floats notion of a Next Generation Air Dominance fighter that’s a third the price of the current plane or around the cost of an F-35, China’s JF-31 is reportedly about to enter service, Leonardo partners with Rheinmetall to lock up Italy’s 20 billion euro land systems modernization market, and Universal Hydrogen — once seen as the future of clean energy — folds.

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