CAVASSHIPS Podcast [Sep 15, ’23] Ep: 111 Dr Jerry Hendrix on Honda Point, New Tech and Headlines from the Black Sea


Welcome to the CavasShips Podcast with Christopher P. Cavas and Chris Servello…a weekly podcast looking at naval and maritime events and issues of the day – in the US, across the seas and around the world. This week…The U.S. Navy’s largest mishap involving almost a dozen destroyers occurred off the coast of California 100 years ago. What lessons from the infamous Honda Point incident remain relevant today? And what can we learn from the introduction of new technology whether it be uncrewed or involve advanced manufacturing? We talk to retired Navy Captain and noted navalist Dr. Jerry Hendrix for his take as well as a look at breaking news out of the Black Sea. 

A quick show note, given the length of our conversation with Jerry and the fact that my colleague Chris Cavas is underway on USS George Washington we will forgo our normal weekly review of headlines and jump right into the Honda point conversation. Don’t worry Chris will be back next week with great fleet content and a return to our normal run of show.

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