Defense & Aerospace Report Podcast [Jan 22, ’23 Business Report]


On this episode of the Business Podcast, sponsored by Bell, our guests are “Rocket Ron” Epstein, PhD, of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Richard Aboulafia of AeroDynamic Advisory and Sash Tusa of Agency Partners.
— Aerospace and defense stock performance as Wall Street posts its best Friday close in two weeks and markets hopes grow that next Federal Reserve rate increases will be small
— Update on global air travel at the start of the Lunar New Year and China outlook as covid continues its deadly sweep across the nation
— NASA’s partnership with Boeing to explore transonic truss-braced wing demonstrator to explore future airliner technologies
— Whether the NASA program validates Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun’s reluctance to develop a new middle market jetliner to remain competitive with Airbus
— Analysis of the logic behind major firms cutting independent research and development funding in favor of venture capital partnerships
— What Germany’s reluctance to either export Leopard tanks to Ukraine nor allow allies to transfer their vehicles to Kyiv signals about Berlin’s reliability as an weapons development partner
— Rosy future for Boeing F-15EX fighter as Israel joins US Air Force in ordering the revised version of the venerable Eagle
— Look ahead to earnings as leading US firms prepare to report starting next week

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