Defense & Aerospace Report Podcast [Aug 14, ’22 Business Report]


On this episode of the Business Podcast, sponsored by Bell, our guests are “Rocket Ron” Epstein, PhD, of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Richard Aboulafia of AeroDynamic Advisory and Sash Tusa of Agency Partners.


— Wall Street rebounds as Consumer Price Index drops on falling oil prices and core inflation rate dips to 3.8 percent
— Market still sees US recession after two quarters of negative growth
— Commercial aircraft travel outlook as traffic appears to peak
— Outlook for further decoupling with China in the wake of CHIPS Plus legislation accelerating US technology, workforce and industrial investment
— Europe and decoupling with China in wake of Beijing’s alliance with Russia
— Economic impact of Europe’s energy and water problems
— Airbus and Boeing delivery figures
— Boeing resumed 787 deliveries to American Airlines after 14-month delay
— Ukraine war update as Kyiv employs superior Western weaponry
— Update on US earnings and QinetiQ’s acquisition of Avantus
— USAF comments whether powerplants produced through the Adaptive Engine Technology Program will be the adaptive cycle jet engines that will power the service’s future combat aircraft

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