CAVASSHIPS Podcast [Jun 19 21] Episode 2…Bottle That Passion CNO


Welcome to the CavasShips Podcast with Christopher P. Cavas and Chris Servello. A weekly podcast looking at naval and maritime events and issues of the day – in the US, across the seas and around the world.

This week…US Navy leaders in Washington begin to defend the fiscal 2022 budget on Capitol Hill as the annual round of Senate and House hearings begin. So far – the people in the big chairs are not at all happy with what they’re hearing. And the Navy’s 30-year shipbuilding plan was finally sent to Congress — without a 30-year plan. We discuss.

And there’s talk of creating some sort of international naval task force to patrol the South China Sea. But is that really needed – or even a good idea? We’ll talk about it. But first a look at naval developments around the world.

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