Defense & Aerospace Report Podcast [Jun 28, 2020 Business Report]


On this episode of the Business Podcast, sponsored by Bell, our guests include “Rocket Ron” Epstein, PhD, of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Richard Aboulafia of the Teal Group consultancy and Sash Tusa of Agency Partners.
— Overview as markets grapple with the reality of rising coronavirus cases
— Impact of surging infections on air carriers
— European Union decision to exclude travel from the United States
— Look ahead to Johnson administration’s political statement next week
— British government support for OneWeb in the wake of  bankruptcy in March
— Importance of Boeing’s Confident Traveler Initiative
— Look at the economic repercussions of deepening tensions between the Washington and Beijing
— Status of F-35 fighter program and Virginia-class nuclear attack submarines in House and Senate NDAA markups
— Update on 737 Max as FAA clears jet to reenter flight testing

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