Council on Foreign Relations: ‘Reforming the U.S. Approach to Data Protection and Privacy’


READ THE REPORT — In “Reforming the U.S. Approach to Data Protection and Privacy,” a February 2018 report from the Council on Foreign Relations, author Nuala O’Connor, president and CEO of the Center for Democracy & Technology, argues that the US is lagging behind other Western nations when it comes to personal-data protection, since the existing data rules are lackluster and differ between different sectors. “U.S. citizens and companies suffer from this uneven approach—citizens because their data is not adequately protected, and companies because they are saddled with contradictory and sometimes competing requirements,” the report reads.  “It is past time for Congress to create a single legislative data-protection mandate to protect individuals’ privacy and reconcile the differences between state and federal requirements.” Learn more about the report here.

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