Defense & Aerospace Daily Podcast [Nov 14, 23] RUSI’s Dr. Jack Watling on Conflict in Ukraine and Gaza


On today’s program, sponsored by Bell, Dr. Jack Watling, senior research fellow for land warfare at the Royal United Services Institute, discusses the reality that Ukraine’s counteroffensive has stalled, the imperative for allies to quickly commit to furnishing Kyiv with the capabilities it needs to win, how Russia has stepped up its game, how a lack of trained and experienced personnel is the critical factor in battlefield success, the message failing to step up to support Ukraine sends to China and other adversaries about the staying power and commitment of the United States and its allies, what Europe can do to step up its game, lessons from Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza, the terror group’s plan to deliberately put civilians in harms way to impede the Israeli campaign, the challenges of fighting in cities, and Ukraine and Gaza lessons for Taiwan with Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian.

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