Defense & Aerospace Report Podcast [Washington Roundtable Nov 10, ’23]


On this week’s Defense & Aerospace Report Washington Roundtable, sponsored by Bell, Dr. Patrick Cronin of the Hudson Institute think tank, Michael Herson of American Defense International, former Pentagon Europe chief Jim Townsend of the Center for a New American Security, and former Pentagon Comptroller Dr. Dov Zakheim join host Vago Muradian to discuss what’s next as the current measure to keep the US government open runs out; censures and dysfunction as well as possible Senate rules changes; Biden administration efforts to balance support for Israel while pressing Jerusalem “humanitarian pauses” and garnering Palestinian Authority acceptance of future governing role in Gaza; how the crisis is playing in Europe and Asia; whether the Palestinian Authority or any current Palestinian leader has public backing needed to succeed current leadership; what Ukraine needs to succeed as battle to regain territory grows increasingly bloody and stalemated as Russia fields more and longer range precision strike systems; the need for Ukraine’s allies to exhibit strategic patience in what will be a long conflict against Russia; the importance of resuming US-China military-to-military links between Beijing and Washington; and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s meeting with Xi Jinping and rapprochement with Beijing.

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