Defense & Aerospace Technology Report [Apr 19, 23] UK’s New Offensive Cyber Capabilities Principles & Thoughtful AI Regulations


On this week’s Technology Report, Nigel Inkster, the former director of intelligence and operations at the Secret Intelligence Service otherwise known as MI6 who is now the senior advisor for cybersecurity and China at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, discusses the UK’s new Offensive Cyber Capabilities Principles and its role in deterrence as part of integrated military as well as diplomatic and economic means, the need for allies and partners to improve their collective security and ability to deter conflict by adopting common offensive and overall cyber strategies, and using technology to prevent future intelligence breaches; and John CoFrancesco, the founder and CEO of Applied AI Company, on how ChatGPT and apps will comprehensively change national security, what thoughtful regulation of artificial intelligence looks like as lawmakers call for greater insight into algorithms and data sets, and benefits of apps like ChatGPT with Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian.

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