The Downlink [Jan 29, 23] What You Need to Know About The Great Ground Station Game Part 2

This week is the second and final episode looking at what rarely comes to mind when we talk about space – the ground. This week is about the great ground game being played out in what has traditionally been in the U.S. sphere of influence – South America. The southern continent is where Chinese entities have access to or wholly manage a rough dozen ground stations, which has caused some concern in defense circles. To understand just what is going on below the equator, Laura Winter speaks with Matthew Funaiole, Vice President of the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ iDeas Lab, and a senior fellow of China Power Project; and Brian Hart, a CSIS fellow with the China Power Project. Their report “Eyes on the Skies – China’s Growing Space Footprint in South America” can be found here:…-stations-space/.

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