The DownLink [Aug 28, ’22] Artemis I & SLS – Not Your Usual Pre-Launch Coverage


NASA is billing Monday’s $4.1b Artemis I mission launch, a test of the Space Launch System and the crew-rated Orion capsule, as the beginning of a new chapter of U.S.-led human space exploration and sustained presence on the moon. Putting the warm and fuzzy excitement aside, Laura Winter explores the geostrategic and economic implications with Namrata Goswami, an independent scholar on space policy and great power politics and co-author of the book “Scramble for the Skies”; Chris Quilty, a pioneer of Wall Street analysis of the commercial space sector and founder of Quilty Analytics: and Chris Stott, “a Manx-Born American”, who is a serial space entrepreneur, and the Chairman & CEO, Lonestar Data Holdings.

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