Cyber Report [Jun 23, 22] Fortress’ Schaumann Public-Private Securty Partnerships & The Atlantic Council’s Schroeder on EU-US Cyber Cooperation and Disinformation


On this week’s Cyber Report, sponsored by Fortress Information Security, Andrea Schaumann, the director of federal programs and partnerships at Fortress, discusses public-private cyber security partnership language in the proposed National Defense Authorization Act, what successful government-industry cooperation looks like, challenges, and improving defenses in the face of sustained cyber operations by Russia and other nations; and Emma Schroeder, the assistant director of the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative, on improving EU-US cyber cooperation, Microsoft’s new report that 30 percent of Moscow’s recent cyber operations targeting America and Europe have been successful, and efforts by Brussels and Washington to curb online dis- and misinformation with Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian.

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