Defense & Aerospace Daily Podcast [May 05, 2022] AIA’s Eric Fanning


On this episode of the DefAero Report Daily Podcast, sponsored by Bell, Eric Fanning, the president and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association, discusses the outlook for his members and priorities as world emerges from the pandemic, potential increases to US defense spending over the Biden administration’s $773 billion Pentagon budget request, impact of inflation and supply chain problems, the implication’s of the administration’s Buy American approach and how to strike the best balance between security of supply and benefitting from global trade, substituting Russian titanium and Chinese rare earths, how the slow pace of filling top administration and diplomatic posts impacts the policy process, lessons from the covid pandemic, addressing the need for more talent across defense and commercial aviation industries, and how the US defense industrial base can better help Ukraine in it’s fight for survival against Russian aggression with Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian.

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