Defense & Aerospace Daily Podcast [Apr 28, 2022] Randy Schriver on Russo-Ukraine Lessons for Taiwan


On this episode of the DefAero Report Daily Podcast, sponsored by Bell, Randy Schriver, a former assistant secretary of defense for Indo-Pacific security affairs who is now with the Pacific Solutions consultancy and chairman of the Project 2049 Institute to fully normalize relations between the United States and Taiwan, discusses lessons from Russia’s war on Ukraine that are applicable to Taiwan, whether the strong global reaction to Moscow’s war changes Beijing’s calculus to unite with the island nation, does China decide to accelerate its move on Taiwan as the Ukraine war serves as a wake up call for Washington and its allies to step up their great power game, takeaways from the US delegation to Taipei led by Adm. Mike Mullen, USN Ret., helping Taiwan improve its deterrent and warfighting capabilities, and the legacy of independence and democracy advocate Pen Ming Min with Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian.

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