The Downlink: [ Nov 27, ’21] The New Big Deal About Lasers


In this episode of The DownLink podcast, Laura Winter is shedding light on satellite communications over the optical part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s called laser communication or optical wireless communication.

DARPA, the Space Development Agency, the United States Space Force are already working with the commercial sector to develop and deploy laser satellite communication. What makes this recently recognized technology so special is that by all accounts it’s near impossible to jam, spoof, intercept, or even detect.

Laura speaks with Bridgecom CEO Barry Matsumori, who is a veteran of Qualcomm, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic, about how optical wireless works to defeat adversaries. In the episode’s second half she speaks with a laser communications pioneer, David Czajkowski, the co-founder and CEO of Space Micro. Space Micro has been in the news this week because Venture Space Holdings announced earlier this week that it is acquiring a majority stake in Czajkowski’s company.

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