Defense & Aerospace Podcast [Washington Roundtable Nov 19, 21]


On this Washington Roundtable episode of the Defense & Aerospace Report Podcast, sponsored by Bell, our guests are Dov Zakheim, PhD, former DoD comptroller, now with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Dr. Michael Auslin, the Payson J Treat Distinguished Research Fellow in Contemporary Asia at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, and Heather Hurlburt, the director of the New Models of Policy Change project at the New America think tank’s Political Reform program.

— Update on defense and Build Back Better legislation
— Takeaways from the the virtual meeting between President Biden and China’s Xi Jingping
— How Washington can engage Beijing while pushing back against China’s escalating transgressions of international norms and provocations
— Whether Biden’s statements that America would fight for Taiwan if attacked by China will deter Beijing from miscalculating
— How Washington should to address brewing crisis between Belarus Russia
— What to expect at the Halifax International Security Forum this weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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