Defense & Aerospace Report Podcast [Jun 06, ’21 Business Report]


On this episode of the Business Podcast, sponsored by Bell, our guests are “Rocket Ron” Epstein, PhD, of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Richard Aboulafia of the Teal Group consultancy and Sash Tusa of Agency Partners.


— Market’s response to Biden administration’s 2022 budget a week after the $715 billion request was submitted to Congress
— Budget impact on major firms
— Commercial air travel update as UK covid cases rise in advance of a June 21 reopening target and EU leaders are expected to move on June 15 to reopen the block starting July 1
— Surging US traffic as in-air violence prompts airlines to restraint passengers or divert flight
— Analysis of statements by Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun regarding supply chain, future aircraft and trade with China
— United Airlines’ decision to order 15 Overture supersonic 88-seat passenger jets under development by Boom Aviation
— The unraveling of the General Dynamics’ Ajax vehicle program for the British Army
— Implications of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threat to halt trade in US dollars
— Look ahead of net week’s SpeedNews conference
— What to expect from GE-Safran announcement on June 14

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