Defense & Aerospace Podcast [Washington Roundtable Aug 06, 2020]


On this Roundtable episode of the Defense & Aerospace Report Podcast, sponsored by Bell, our guests are Gordon Adams, PhD, Non-Resident Fellow at the Quincy Institute, Mackenzie Eaglen of the American Enterprise Institute and Michael Herson, President and CEO, American Defense International and Dov Zakheim, PhD, former DoD comptroller, now with the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
— Update on fourth stimulus package, National Defense Authorization Act, appropriations process and prospect for continuing resolution to fund DoD
— Takeaways from primary contents and implications for November elections
— Recommendations for former Vice President Joe Biden as he considers who to pick as his running mate
— Look at Biden’s emerging defense and foreign policy agenda
— Political implications of the devastating explosion in Beirut that killed more than 135, injured more than 5,000 and displaced as many 300,000
— Legacy of Gen. David Goldfein as he hands off to Gen. CQ Brown as the US Air Force’s new chief of staff
— Brown’s priorities as the service’s 22nd chief


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