Defense & Aerospace Report Podcast [Jun 13, 2020 Business Report]


On this episode of the Business Podcast, sponsored by Bell, our guests include “Rocket Ron” Epstein, PhD, of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Richard Aboulafia of the Teal Group consultancy and Sash Tusa of Agency Partners.
— Analysis of broad market trends driving another volatile week on Wall Street and world markets
— Investor worries that recovery may not be as quick as originally anticipated
— Airline update including Emirates CEO Sir Tim Clark’s suggestion that his airline’s fleet of 115 A380 jets may make a comeback
— Disclosure that Defense contractors’ disclosure of billion of dollars in coronavirus-related charges and prospects that US government will cover them
— France’s 15 billion euro fund to help airlines and aerospace contractors like Airbus
— Trump administration moves to reduce troop levels in Germany
— Lockheed Martin’s new prototype to test features to reduce the noise associated with large supersonic aircraft for commercial applications

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