AEI’s ‘The Future of Iran’s Security Policy: Inside Tehran’s Strategic Thinking’


READ THE REPORT — In his new monograph entitled “The Future of Iran’s Security Policy: Inside Tehran’s Strategic Thinking,” J. Matthew McInnis, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, attempts to break down the Islamic Republic of Iran’s views of and approaches to things like military force, strategy, decision-making and more in order to bust the myth that the country’s security policy is beyond the scope of reason.

“The Iranian leadership can be considered ‘logical’ if its decision-making patterns and worldview are well understood (as much as we oppose that worldview),” McInnis writes. “Western policymakers’ failure to understand this is the primary source of poor US strategy in the region since 1979. Hopefully, this monograph will lift the shroud on Iranian strategic thinking and guide better paths to a more stable Middle East.” Learn more about the report here.

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