Defense & Aerospace Report Podcast [Washington Roundtable Mar 01, ’24]


On this week’s Defense & Aerospace Report Washington Roundtable, sponsored by Bell, Dr. Patrick Cronin of the Hudson Institute think tank, Michael Herson of American Defense International, former Pentagon Europe chief Jim Townsend of the Center for a New American Security, and former Pentagon Comptroller Dr. Dov Zakheim join host Vago Muradian to discuss Congress’ move to avert a government shutdown with another continuing resolution, outlook for Ukraine supplemental, Vladimir Putin’s growing confidence as he eliminates adversaries at home as his nuclear threats fracture NATO and messaging garners GOP support, Europe and America reject French President Emmanuel Macron’s suggestion to consider deploying troops to Ukraine as Russia again threatens nuclear attack prompting worry in Washington and German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz to deny cruise missiles for Kyiv and accuse France and Britain of escalation, EU president says its time to consider tapping frozen Russian assets to arm and rebuild Ukraine, Australian intelligence discover that former lawmaker worked directly for Beijing, and another bloody week in Gaza as Israel starves Gaza, steps up operations against the West Bank and prepares an offensive against Lebanon.

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