Defense & Aerospace Daily Podcast [Nov 27, 23] Sam Bendett on Russia-Ukraine & Byron Callan’s Week Ahead


On today’s program, sponsored by HII, Sam Bendett of the Center for Naval Analyses discusses the long-range unmanned systems duel between Ukraine and Russia as Moscow strikes Ukrainians targets and Kyiv responds, Russia’s improvements on Iran’s Shahed-136 attack drones that are not being produced outside Moscow, Russia’s improving capabilities and how Ukraine is adapting, how Iran, North Korea and Turkey are helping the Russian war effort, and Vladimir Putin’s comments at the AI Journey conference; and Byron Callan of the independent Washington research firm Capital Alpha Partners discusses the six key questions to consider about the future of defense spending as the outlook for the Pentagon budget outlook as well as aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan remains uncertain, what to expect at the upcoming Reagan National Defense Forum, and a look at the week ahead with Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian.

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