Defense & Aerospace Technology Report [Jun 14, 23] 1Huddle’s Sam Caucci & Justin Sherman


On this week’s Technology Report, Sam Caucci, the founder and CEO of 1Huddle — an innovative workforce performance and training platform — discusses new contracts with the Air Force and Navy special operations commands, how training that is mentally challenging improves retention and learning outcomes, and the changing nature of work in the wake of the covid pandemic; and Justin Sherman, the founder of the DC research and advisory firm Global Cyber Strategies, discusses Russia’s hacking conference, the evolution of the Russian cyber ecosystem after global sanctions in response to Moscow’s war on Ukraine, Montana’s move to ban TikTok and the company’s countersuit, the right approach to regulating foreign-owned social media, and the flaws in the House bill that aims to limit China’s ability to develop undersea cables with Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian.

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