Defense & Aerospace Technology Report [May 10, 23] SOFWEEK Tech & Review of DoD’s New Tech Strategy


On this week’s Technology Report, Jason Salata, a retired US Navy captain and former US Special Operations Command and the US Naval Special Warfare Command spokesman who is now with the Provision Advisors public relations firm that oversees SOF Week’s media center, discusses key messages from US special operations leadership at this year’s gathering in Tampa, standout technologies from the show floor, and changing in the works for next year’s event to better connect companies with good ideas with program officials who can turn them into reality; and Emily Harding of the Center for Strategic and International Studies discusses the National Defense Science and Technology Strategy issued yesterday, how to turn the strategy into reality, the need for greater risk tolerance, the report she co-authored — “Seven Critical Technologies for Winning the Next War” — that theorizes on the nature of future wars America and its allies may have to fight and seven critical technologies needed to win, and how the Pentagon needs to think about artificial intelligence and its uses in everything from decision making to automated weaponry with Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian.

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