Defense & Aerospace Daily Podcast [May 08, 23] SOFWEEK Preview; Sam Bendett on Russia-Ukraine & Byron Callan’s Week Ahead


On today’s program, sponsored by HII, Col. Stu Braden, USA Ret., the president and CEO of the Global SOF Foundation, discusses themes from this year’s SOF Week in Tampa including the renewed focus of the special operations community on great power conflict; Sam Bendett of the Center for Naval Analyses discusses the temper tantrum that got Yevgeny Prigozhin the ammunition he wanted for his Wagner Group mercenary and convict force, Ukraine’s use of a US-made Patriot anti-missile system to successfully intercept a Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missile, Ukraine’s attack on Crimea, and the outlook for this year’s Victory Day commemorations in the wake of a drone attack on the Kremlin; and Byron Callan of the independent Washington research firm Capital Alpha Partners with highlights from last week’s first 2023 quarter earnings reports, debt ceiling as President Biden to meet with lawmakers tomorrow, and a look at the week ahead with Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian.

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