Defense & Aerospace Podcast [Washington Roundtable Mar 03, ’23]


On this week’s Washington Roundtable, sponsored by Bell, Dr. Patrick Cronin of the Hudson Institute, Michael Herson of American Defense International, Jim Townsend of the Center for a New American Security, and Dr. Dov Zakheim of the Center for Strategic and International Studies join Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago to discuss the week in Washington and around the world including stalled debt talks, how the Pentagon’s new abortion policy could impact defense spending, whether congressional and allied support for Ukraine is wavering as Washington imposes new sanctions and Russia suffers battlefield setbacks, how the House Select Committee on China could change the US and global consensus on how to approach Beijing, White House’s decision on F-16s for Taiwan and new Conventional Arms Transfer Policy, and update on concern that Iran could field a nuclear weapon in weeks rather than months, and worsening crisis between Israelis and Palestinians.

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