The Downlink [Jan 22, 23] What You Need to Know About The Great Ground Station Game Part 1


This week’s episode and the next are all about what rarely comes to mind when we talk about space – the ground. This week is about the great game being played out in the High North on the strategic ground where the U.S., its allies, and adversaries, have located critical ground station infrastructure and the capabilities to disrupt and destroy satellite communications. To explain just what’s going on, Laura Winter speaks with Greg Falco and Nicolò Boschetti both from the Institute for Assured Autonomy (IAA), a joint Whiting School of Engineering and Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory research institute. Falco and Boschetti recently published the paper “Commercial Space Risk Framework Assessing the Satellite Ground Station Security Landscape for NATO in the Arctic and High North”, which can be found here:

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