Defense & Aerospace Daily Podcast [Dec 20, 22] Nat’l Sec Implications of National Ignition Facility’s Dec. 5 Energy Experiment


On this episode of the DefAero Report Daily Podcast, sponsored by Bell, Dr. Steve Fetter, an award-winning nuclear physicist who is the dean of the Graduate School at the University of Maryland, discusses the national security implications of the National Ignition Facility’s Dec. 5 experiment at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that for a millisecond produced more energy than it consumed, how the test that involved firing 192 lasers at hydrogen atoms was primarily intended to improve America’s thermonuclear arsenal, why the groundbreaking test would make for an impractical source of sustainable energy, whether the nation that invested the atom bomb still has the skills to make them, and lessons from the Manhattan Project with Defense & aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian.

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