Defense & Aerospace Daily Podcast [Sep 12, 22] Sam Bendett & Byron Callan


On this episode of the DefAero Report Daily Podcast, sponsored by Bell, Sam Bendett of the Center for Naval Analyses who is also affiliated with the Center for a New American Security discusses Ukraine’s counteroffensive that’s clawed back thousands of square kilometers from Russian forces, how Moscow is likely to retaliate, Ukrainian and Russian capabilities, and how the setbacks are impacting Vladimir Putin’s popularity; and Byron Callan of the independent Washington research firm Capital Alpha Partners also analyses the war and consensus views of the conflict, next possible steps by Russia, why analysts are so wrong about the nature of threats going back to 9/11, whether a defeat in Ukraine changes European perceptions of Russia as a threat, Polish and German defense investment plans, the bullish case for US defense and a look at the week ahead with Defense & Aerospace Report Editor Vago Muradian.

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