Implement the Cyberspace Solarium Commission’s Recommendations


As China and Russia increasingly target Americans working from home in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, you’d think the Trump administration would rush to improve cybersecurity.

Especially given the 12-member Cyberspace Solarium Commission in March produced a meticulous blueprint for a more secure future. 

Unfortunately, the White House opposes the commission’s most no-brainer recommendation — a national cyber director to oversee US cyber efforts.

Instead of seeking quick passage of vital changes, the administration pushed Senate lawmakers to  “independently” study the cyber-czar role. 

The White House hasn’t explained its opposition, but its supporters say getting the job right is more important than creating it fast, citing problems with the establishment of the director of national intelligence.

That’s absurd. The nation has been at war with China and Russia in cyberspace for more than a decade. 

Precious intellectual property, top weapons secrets and the valuable personal information on millions of Americans continue to be stolen. 

The danger has grown acute as more people than ever work from home, creating new vulnerabilities. 

The commission crafted its recommendations with the participation of the administration, lawmakers and industry to ensure rapid implementation.

The recommendations were thoughtfully engineered with matching legislation so long-overdue changes are quickly enacted. The effort was to create post-9/11 commission before the attack — to help avoid it. 

Commission co-chair Sen. Angus King, I-Me., has stressed that putting one person in charge of what is now a vast, disjointed and poorly defended cyber infrastructure is critical. 

These changes must be implemented now because its time for America to step up its cyber game at a time when more people are more vulnerable than ever. Job descriptions and organizations can be refined over time. 

It’s simply inexcusable to focus on polishing the cannonball when you’re in the midst of a crisis than demands putting someone in charge of the battle and getting rounds on target.

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