Defense & Aerospace Business Report [March 20, 2017]


In this week’s podcast, we discuss the Trump administration’s proposed “skinny budget” and budget supplemental, the potential for a government shutdown, the 2015 external study commissioned by the Defense Business Board that revealed $125 billion in Defense-Department waste, strategies for increasing DoD efficiency, GCHQ’s reaction to President Donald Trump’s wiretap allegations, Angela Merkel’s Washington meeting, the aftermath of the Dutch elections, and more. The Defense & Aerospace Business Report is sponsored by Bell Helicopter, a Textron Company.

Guests include:

  • Byron Callan of Capital Alpha Partners
  • Mackenzie Eaglen of the American Enterprise Institute
  • Ron Epstein of Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Todd Harrison of the Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Sash Tusa of Agency Partners in London

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